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Excitement and mystery of ancient lands did not stop to be surprised by strange tales of King Tut and queens Pyramids of Giza, and reverence for the gods, pharaohs, such as Anubis and Isis, this is the world in ancient Egypt and its popularity is still growing, Come with me to take a peek on the Tut ankhamun exhibition in London, just by looking at his face you will know that he was a child It is strange that at this time ruled Egypt with all What of the science and art, and there are a lot of sweaters, gifts and infringing copies or related definitely unique, and the strangest thing that he had been murdered at the age of eleven by one of his family members in order to take over power in Egypt, and since the discovery of his tomb in 1923 by an English scientist, who died in mysterious circumstances a strange disease at this time and was a bacteria when the discovery of his tomb and the opening, the cemetery, which was to take the contents and transfer them to the biggest museum in the world and the contents of this mask and coffin and some other pieces displayed museums of Europe and was This discovery is the most prominent in the twentieth century with all its cemetery, and so far every day we discover a unique piece from the collection of this young king.


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