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Cleopatra's tomb

Intensive efforts to try to discover the tomb of Queen Cleopatra, by drilling in the Burj Al Arab in the northwestern city of Alexandria in the presence of some signs of a royal tomb that has been said about it is one of the biggest discoveries of the twentieth century after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, and what their existence is confirmed the discovery of coins bearing the image of the Queen legend, as well as a royal statue without a head and the head of the article alabaster of Queen Cleopatra, who committed suicide by poison, and the story of her love for the commander Mark Antony, who was said to be buried with him in his tomb, which is the Egyptian research team and with other research teams of the United Nations of trying to discovered, and it also confirms the existence of this cemetery at this place, specifically the discovery of 27 graves from the cemetery for the rich and the leaders of this time, and the discovery of tunnels and corridors as deep as 100 meters underground and discovered ten mummies, we can only wait for the disclosure is an important riddle puzzles this period of Egypt's history.


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