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Alexander was born in 356 BC, the son of King Philip,king of Macedonia, who died and inherited power after his father Alexander in 336 BC It was twenty years old, the first thing he did after coming to power of Alexander is to unite the Greeks and began to take large parts of the world and set up the Greek Empire in 334 BC defeated the (DARA) The last of the Persian Empire and three years later took power in Egypt and went to the temple of Amun and Pharaoh asked to be on the land of Egypt, after Ptolemy's rule began in Egypt, he built the city of Alexandria in the period, then dies in 323 BC at the age of 33, only, and this time of writing this topic no one knows where the burial of Alexander? Is buried in Macedonia? Or buried in Babylon, where he died there? Or buried in the city, which was built in Alexandria?


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