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Egypt Arab country located in the far north-eastern Africa, bordering on the north coast of the Mediterranean Sea, east of the Red Sea coast with a total area of 1 million km ² approximately, Egypt, African countries, however, part of its territory, the Sinai, located in Asia. Official name Arab Republic of Egypt.

Egypt's borders to the west with Libya, in the south Sudan and north-east of Palestine, and separates the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia, and pass through the Suez Canal territory separating the Asian part of the section of Africa, the only water channel that reaches the Mediterranean and Red seas.

Egypt of the most populous African country, and the fourteenth-order the world in terms of number of people who live mostly on the banks of the Nile and the coast. Constitute the majority of the desert area, a quarter of Egypt's population live in the city of Greater Cairo, the largest cities of Africa and the Middle East.


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